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Thursday, July 07, 2011


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Carolyn Fox

Nice photos!

Ed Heaton

Good Morning Carolyn and Thank You!

Shannon sorg

I was there the fist week in June. I drove there from Montana where I live. Have a look at some photos.


Ed Heaton

Hi Shannon and thanks for stopping in. I'm sure the first week of June was amazing as well. I'll take a look at what you captured and thanks for sharing!
Best of Light,

Joe Horton

Great shots Ed. I love the Tetons. Wish I had a decent camera when I visited there. Your photos take me back. These look like dawn with the lighting.


Ed, All of the Pics are wonderful. Do you do some processing or adjustments after taking the shots. The reason why I m asking was, I have a canon SLR and telephoto lens. But I m still not able to get the expected output. I have not been to Yellow stone. But soon will be hitting there.

Ed Heaton

Thanks Joe and Sundar I really appreciate the nice comments. Yes Joe, most of the shots were taken at sunrise or sunset. Sundar, yes I process all my images with Photoshop CS5 and several plug-ins by Nik.


Amazing pictures. The 3rd one is crazy beautiful.
I've got a question for you. I'm just getting into the dslr world. I've got a sony a33 picked out but I'm not sure what to do about lenses. I'm considering starting with the tamron 18-270, f3.5. I figure this would be a jack of all trades and allow me to normally carry 1 lense around. However in low light indoor situations like christmas morning or something like that the f3.5 may not cut it?? That's what the local camera store guys told me anyway. They said to get a 50mm, f1.4. But to me 50mm is to much zoom for indoors when everyone is gathered close around. What do you think I should do? I'm of course not trying to spend as much money as I can and would rather have less lenses than more.
Thanks Ed.

Ed Heaton

Hi Rick and I'm sorry for the delay in responding! Thanks for the kind words!
I'm going to have Ken Hubbard respond to your note only because Sony has some proprietary issues going on...


Absolutely beautiful.

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